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What is it?

LifeKeepers is the national suicide prevention training programme, created especially for New Zealand communities.

This programme gives people the skills to recognise and support those at risk of suicide. 

LifeKeepers combines an internationally proven, evidence-based approach with local knowledge and experience, to provide a programme that is community focussed, clinically safe, and culturally responsive. 

Through LifeKeepers you will learn how to talk responsibly about suicide and gain an understanding of the factors that contribute to being at risk of suicide. You’ll also learn what to look for when someone may be at risk of suicide, strategies for how to have the conversation and ask about suicide, how to respond with confidence, and how to engage different services and supports to get them the help they need.

LifeKeepers will support you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to create communities of C.A.R.E. and help reduce suicide in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Who is it for?

LifeKeepers is available nationwide and free of charge, to New Zealanders who are 18 years and over, and who are likely to interact with people at risk of suicide.

The programme is designed especially for those of us who work in communities or in frontline community roles, such as: support workers, sports coaches, emergency service personnel, church leaders, youth workers, Māori wardens, caregivers, Kaumatua, whānau members and community leaders. 

LifeKeepers is funded by Te Aka Whai Ora to provide suicide prevention training for those New Zealanders who are most likely to interact with people at risk of suicide and who do not already have access to funded suicide prevention training. The programme has not been funded for registered professionals who already have access to suicide prevention training, or for those who belong to organisations which currently provide or fund suicide prevention training for their staff.

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Donations to LifeKeepers are used to make a positive difference, with care packages an example of how we help individuals, families and communities to cope with the loss of a loved one by suicide.

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More questions and answers

LifeKeepers training is free, accessible and relevant to New Zealand communities. It caters for people’s preferred learning styles by offering either online or face-to-face trainings.  

When you sign up for LifeKeepers you’ll be guided through the training options so you can choose the best one for you.

We offer one-day, face-to-face trainings across Aotearoa New Zealand (including trainings tailored to meet the needs of Māori communities, we call these workshops Mana Akiaki). We also offer an online version of the programme for those who need a little more flexibility.


Every suicide is a tragedy that has long-lasting effects on families and communities.

Community-based training - like LifeKeepers - equips every day New Zealanders with the knowledge and skills they need to reduce suicide in our communities. But it’s more than just training; LifeKeepers aims to create communities of care, bringing people together to support and help each other.

Communities have an important role to play in reducing suicide - that’s why we have designed our training especially for community members who are likely to come into contact with those who may be at risk of suicide.