Making sure you're connecting with the right supports is important.  Please choose from the following options to speak to the right person for your situation.

Need to talk?

LifeKeepers is a suicide prevention training programme, not a crisis centre. If it's an emergency phone 111 now. If you need to talk to a trained counsellor please free phone or free text 1737.

1737 is free to call or text from any landline or mobile phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just completed the LifeKeepers training and feeling like you need more support?

If you’ve been to a LifeKeepers training or been completing the online training and are feeling like you need more support, please call: 0800 02 CARE (0800 022273)

Got questions about the training sessions or the programme?

If you’ve got questions about the LifeKeepers training sessions or the programme in general, please call (09) 261 3490 during business hours or email