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LifeKeepers is funded by the Ministry of Health to provide suicide prevention training for those New Zealanders who are most likely to interact with people at risk of suicide and who do not already have access to funded suicide prevention training. The programme has not been funded for registered professionals who already have access to suicide prevention training, or for those who belong to organisations which currently provide or fund suicide prevention training for their staff.

Please be advised that this training contains content that may be distressing for those who have been impacted by suicide or are currently experiencing suicidal thoughts. If you need support go to our Need to talk page

Our LifeKeepers team are happy to talk to you about the programme or about other training options that may better suit your needs. If you would like to talk about this, please contact the LifeKeepers team at

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Unfortunately, this training is only available to participants aged 18 years and over who are New Zealand Citizens/Residents. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact the LifeKeepers team at

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